Seminar - "Together we are equal" The seminar at our school was held in two partsThe first one was a series of workshops that took place for several weeks in February and March 2022. These workshops were organized for both older and younger students. The series of workshops started with the subject of the diversity of characters. The next workshops were devoted to cultural and religious diversity. All of them ended with drawing conclusions that although we are different, we have the same rights. During the workshop for younger classes, students talked about cultural diversity, world peace and human rights. Our students also made dolls that show that we are different, but we create one world.The second part of the seminar was held on September 21 and 30, 2022. Students from grades 4-6 met Mrs. Natalia Mikulicz from the "Open Umbrella" organisation. The classes focused on tolerance, acceptance, overcoming prejudices and shaping anti-discriminatory attitudes.


Seminar - "Together we are equal". Svidník, SlovakiaThe seminar was organized on February 2, 2022. It took place in afriendly and very pleasant atmosphere of our school, as the current anti- pandemic measures allow. We prepared creative activities for our students, and we discussed about what makes a man a good man, about the uniqueness of each of us, and about the actions that keep us together and the actions that put us apart.We should have in mind that we have a lot of things in common, we have the same rights and these rights should be respected. However, being different is not bad, it can enrich our life and make it more interesting.



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