Our group of schools is from different parts of Europe. We believe that from South to North and from West to East we represent the richness of Europe with different social status, language and culture. We are six partner schools with various socio-economic structures, lifestyles and educational systems. Our main target group is students at the ages between 13-18, teachers, parents, administrative staff and local community. Project activities will be realized by students, supported by teachers and parents and they will all benefit from them. The partner countries are: Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Slovakia, Greece and Poland. Even if we have similar problems, each school is different- a great value for the project. Each brings new aspect, values and experiences. To reach all the objectives, we have chosen schools to have students with economically challenged backgrounds, lack of parental support, migrants, different ethnic minorities, students with SEN and threatened from early school drop-out, because we want to analyze and see the broad picture of social diversity in schools around Europe. Around 200 students will take direct part in the activities but around 1200 students will be affected indirectly. There will be 6 mobilities in the project.

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