"Do not stay away from real life"


A seminar on the topic " Don't stay away from real life" with professor doctor Hristo Pimpirev, Founding Chairman of the Bulgarian Antarctic Institute which maintains the Bulgarian Antarctic base on Livingston Island in the South Shetland Islands 



'Do not stay away from real life'Today we hosted our 2018 graduate student Elifnur Tosun. She is 2018 Miss Model Turkey finalist, a professional dancer and also an actress. She starred in a famous Turkish tv series 'The 80s'. We held a meeting with our 11th and 12th graders and Elif shared her challenging carrier, expreriences with the students. She also gave a lot of advice for those who wants to choose modelling and acting as their future carrier.


Seminar 21/1/2022:"Do not stay away from real life". Virtual meeting with Mrs Nana Tzavara, a really talented person, a fighter of life, who managed to make her dream come true.


"Do not stay away from real life"On 10thNovember, 2022, our school was visited by Krzysztof Jakub Gryc - a graduate of the school, an athlete and a man with great potential. The purpose of his visit was to make young people aware that it is worth being motivated to act, and despite the adversities and difficulties that life stands in front of us, we are able to get up and live on.Krzysztof told us about his passions and successes. He showed that in spite of his disability, he fights and realizes his plans and dreams at various levels. He is successful in sports - 2nd place in national swimming competitions, 1st and 2nd place in school and inter-school table tennis competitions and in the field of sports journalism - he is one of the editors of the sports portal.The meeting has made everyone understand to take handfuls of what fate gives us. Use every moment to make your dreams come true, because nothing happens without a reason.


"A seminar "Do not stay away from real life" held in December at Spojená Škola Svidník. We invited a famous regional writer who is the father or our PE teacher and a grandfather or our student who plays volleyball for an extra League club. Three generations together"

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