Our school is situated in the north suburbs of Athens, Attica, Greece. It is a public secondary school with 250 students and 25 teachers. Our students attend the standard, obligatory subjects of the Greek Curriculum. There are some optional, extracurricular activities with certain flexibility in the topic configuration, taking place after class. Our school has implemented a digital platform of its own to have a digitalized lesson and an easy-to-manage workload.

Most of our students were born in Greece, but we also have students with multinational background. In due course, a surge of migrants in our region is expected, so we must be able to host several students with diverse values, norms and ways of living. More specifically, we must be able to combat the inequalities among the students by enhancing their empathy and communication skills.

We hope that by joining this project we can grow students' social skills and enhance their adaptability and cognitive flexibility. There are also many students in our school with either physical, cognitive or social setbacks, who can also be benefited from creative projects beyond the standard classroom, such as JOYFUL.

Our project shall embrace about 25 students (15 migrants, 4 physically disabled and 6 students with social setbacks).

Nevertheless, all students will thrive through effective teaching practices and an overall exchange of ideas in the field of 21st Century skills, which is the main objective of the project. Our goal is to assemble and share new knowledge on preventing and combating social exclusion at school. Our goal is to implement the 21st Century Skills in educational practice through a variety of subjects and extracurricular activities that shall have a positive impact on the balance of the school ecosystem. 

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