Szkola Podstawowa nr 47 im. J.K. Branickiego w Bialymstoku 

Our school is a state primary school. There are 40 classrooms and laboratories, equipped with interactive white boards, digital projectors and computers. We have 4 rooms adjusted especially for children's therapy (speech therapy room included), 2 rooms for children psychologist and tutor. There are 107 teachers and about 900 students, 1 headmaster and 3 deputy managers. We have 33 students with special needs and approximately 30 students with opinions from specialists (psychologists, tutors, speech therapist etc.). There are migrants from Ukraine, Belarus and Chechenya. The school employs an Chechen student assistant who helps solve problems related to immigration documentation.

Our students come from different areas around the city, from abroad and from various social groups and therefore their motivation for learning is also different. Our teachers are well educated and experienced. We successfully cooperate with parents, engaging them in projects and events.

Since we work with students from different socioeconomic levels, we believe that this project will improve methods of working with students coming from different backgrounds. We find this project aims essential in working with students with many physical and mental issues.

Through the idea of inclusiveness and equity of pupils at risk of exclusion, students will increase their self- esteem, verbal communication, develop social skills, improve interactions with others, increase willingness to join various activities and what is most important-decrease loneliness and isolation, reducing anxiety. This project will enrich the teaching methods and the use of 21st century skills. 

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