Drawing contest on the topic

 "Breaking the vicious circle"


Vasil Levski High School Velingrad -Drawing contest on the topic "Breaking the vicious circle". Special thanks to Viktoriya Pataranova and Viktoriya Alemkova




Drawing contest - Breaking the vicious cirlceMarianna Čabalová - Donť hide your true self : Some people hide their true selves behind fake "masks" because they don't feel like somebody would like them the way that they are. They often pretend to be another person with certain groups of people to fit in.You don't have to change and pretend to be different than you are. Being yourself makes YOU you. There's only one you and just because some don't like that doesn't mean others won't.

Drawing contest - Breaking the vicious cirlceKristína Potomová - Everything is possible - This artwork shows the mask we put on in society just to fit in. In this way we create an ideal that we are not - we get into a vicious circle and we cannot break it. Therefore, it is important to show your true self and stop pretending to be someone else.



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